Friday, December 10, 2010

A Stuffed Fabric Chili Horse

A stuffed fabric chili horse you might wonder??! Yes heard correctly. Everyone should have one. But just don't eat it.

Handmade Chili Pepper Fabric Horse

Feeling the need to belly up to my sewing machine again after a bit of a breakup....I figured it would be a great time to whip up a birthday gift for a good friend of mine. She teaches horseback riding and likes the whole chili pepper! A stuffed horse materialized from my weekend sewing frenzy. It is insanely cute but did take forever to make. As with anything in life, I'm sure the more I do, the easier they will fly off the sewing machine as I become more adept at rounding those tight curves. Mario Andretti....LOOK OUT!!!!! 

I am looking forward to trying out the giraffe and lamb patterns that came with this. I just cut out the pieces from some really cute skull print I will be attempting those in the very near future. Just a little friendly diversion from wielding the fiery acetylene torch!


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