Friday, October 2, 2009

The Eccentricity of Planetary Orbits Pendant

The eccentricity of a planet's orbit measures how much it departs from a perfect circle. These 2 planets are what you might call super-eccentric as their orbits are neither circular nor elliptical....they are.....shall we say....embroiled in disoriented circuitous paths.

Well..this is another one of my creations that came out completely different from the original design. Maybe I shouldn't bother going into the studio with a specific design in mind...LOL!! I ended up melting one side of it as well as the bezel setting for a second smaller stone that I wanted to place to the upper left of the large stone. Not to be defeated and fighting the desire to form all kinds of new curse words, I salvaged what I could. To add a little balance to the right side, I twisted and wrapped some 16 gauge sterling silver wire around the pendant to form the 'circuitous path'. The planets aka stones are Unakite. Unakite is a stone of visions, and it is said to help provide a gentle release of blockages that have been inhibiting your growth.

So...when it's all said and done...this one might actually be one of my new favorites now! Gotta love mistakes....they seem to be my best friends lately!


SummersStudio said...

This is fantabulous! Mistakes are sometimes good. They help us to explore possibilities we wouldn't see otherwise.

LexieJewel said...

Thanks! I know...mistakes are great sometimes! LOL. Plus the fact I couldn't bear to just trash something I spent sooooo long working on! ;-)

Spiral Chick said...

I've just become a follower! I found your blog through Flickr. I love your jewellery,it's very unique.
You can find me at
I've just started my blog so not much to read yet but I'll get there!
Tracy x


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